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Goods & Services Tax (GST)

  GST Advisory  

In view of the complexity and scope of GST requirements, we have introduced an advisory service to help our clients understand how GST would affect their business operations and what they must do to comply with existing legislations. Areas covered include:

  (a) Activities considered for GST, which outlines the types of business and non-business activities that comes under the GST Act.  

Charging or Billing for GST in the context of Standard-Rated Supplies, Place of Supply, Value of Supply, Price Display for Goods & Services, Issuance of Tax Invoices, Dealing with Foreign Currency, Exchange Rates, Electronic Invoicing and Self Billings.

Other related matters include Absorbing GST, Disposal of Business Assets, Recovering Expenses from Clients, Sales of Second-Hand Motor Vehicles, Supply of Assets in Satisfaction of Debt, Trade-In and Partnership Property.


Claiming for GST and the qualifying periods or conditions for Input Tax, Disallowed Expenses, Bad Debts, Staff Fringe Benefits and Business Assets put to Non-Business Use.


Accounting for GST with consideration taken for Time of Supply, 14-Day Rule, Date of Payment for Cheques, Continuous Supply of Services and Tax Point For On-Supplies By Agent.

The importance of proper maintenance of records, which stipulates the types of records and the required duration to be kept.


Applications of GST at Zero-Rate for Exports and International Services.


Exemptions from GST for Financial Services and Sale & Lease of Residential Properties.


Exclusions from GST in the way it applies to Disbursements, Donations to GST Registered Charities, Payments for Transfer of Losses, Secondment of Staff, Transfer of Business as a Going Concern and Transfer or Assignment of Hired Purchase Agreements.

  (h) Paying GST on imports in regards to the Value of Imports, Import Declarations, Imports Relief, Transshipments & Free Trade Zones.  
  (i) GST Schemes that are applicable to our clients' business.  

  Registration for GST  
  We could assist our clients in determining whether GST registration is required for their business. If yes, we could go on to help them proceed with the registration.  

  Preparation & Filing of GST Returns  
  Through the years, our existing clientele has confidently relied on our proficiency to take the complexity out of preparing and filing GST Returns on their behalf. We highly valued their faith in us and would give our best to keep this trust intact. You too could take advantage of our GST services and channel more energy in running your business.  

  Notification of Changes in Business Details for GST  

In order to give our clients added convenience, we could notify Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) on their behalf for any changes in Business Address, Business Name, Business Constitution, Transfer of Business or Partner's Particulars.


Corporate Tax

  Corporate Tax Advisory  
  Corporate tax is often seen as complex and difficult to understand due to system changes or amendments that affect its computation. As professionals in this field, we constantly keep tab of the latest developments so as to update our clients on what those changes would mean for them. In addition, we do conduct in-depth studies to further understand the implications of these developments in order to provide sound advice for our clients on tax planning and business transactions.  

  Preparation & Filing of Form C  
  We are pleased to offer valued service for our clients in the reporting of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI), preparation and filing of Form C.  

  Tax Assessment Guidance  
  In the event of a tax assessment, we are able to provide guidance for our clients and if necessary help raise valid objections to the assessment.  

Partnership Income Tax

  Preparation & Filing of Form P  
  The responsibility of reporting partnership tax lies with the precedent partner in the business. Being a partnership business ourselves, we understand the tax challenges face by partnerships. As such, we are in a unique position to assist our clients in their preparation of accounts and filing of Form P. If our clients are interested, we would be very glad to share valuable advice on the topic of allowable business deductions.  

Individual Income Tax

  Preparation & Filing of Form B  
  Whether you are a salaried employee, self employed, non-resident professional or a foreign public entertainer, we can help you collate your income, expenses, relief and rebates to compute your personal income tax. Appoint us as your tax agent, take the hassle out of preparing your tax statements and make the filing of Form B a breeze. We will be on hand to answer any concerns or reservations you might have about your personal tax.  


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